Business scope

Business scope

Financial leasing business

We will purchase tangible movable property according to your needs and lease it to you. During the period, you have the right to use it. Upon the expiration of the lease, we will transfer the ownership to you at the nominal price。


Sale and leaseback business

Our company can provide you with sale and leaseback service, and your company can obtain the required funds on the premise of retaining the right to use the assets, which can effectively activate the funds and improve the turnover efficiency of the assets。


Operating lease

Our company will provide the equipment according to your needs, and provide the corresponding maintenance and repair services, in the premise of not occupying your funds to obtain the right to use the equipment, the right to use the equipment should be returned after the expiration。


Commercial factoring

We can provide you with commercial factoring services, including accounts receivable factoring and accounts payable factoring。Accounts receivable factoring can improve the turnover rate of accounts receivable and ensure the liquidity of funds.Accounts payable factoring can relieve your financial pressure and guarantee your reputation。


Consulting on leasing transactions

We can help you with leasing business related issues。


Equity investment and advisory

Our company directly shares your company in the form of equity to carry out strategic cooperation and grow together with your company。